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Akmola oblast Kazakh musical-drama theatre of Shakhmet Khusainov

On 6 March, 1996 the Oblast Kazakh musical-drama theatre of Shakhmet Khusainov opened in Kokshetau. According to the order of the Ministry of Culture, in order to open the theatre two courses of the graduates from Almaty State Institute of Theatre and Cinema of T.Zhurgenov were sent to Kokshetau. These people are the founders of this theatre (Kairat Murzabolatov, Kumarbek Kalkatayev, Yerbai Dungenenov, Zhanar Kusainova, Safuan Shaimerdenov, Zharas Kaldarov, Zafura Arzymbetova). The leader of the oblast Kazakh musical-drama theatre is Muratbek Ukubayevoch Ospanov. National Actor of Kazakhstan Zhibek Bagisova is playing together with the young actors on the theatrical stage. The first play of the theatre was the G.Musrepov’s play “Akan Sery Aktokty.

Actors of the theatre strive to achieve the highest level in the creating work and they took part in the oblast and national competitions and festivals for many times. During the participation in the work of the International Theatre Festival in Cairo City Kazakh musical-drama theatre received one of the five prizes for the play “Conveyer”. Theatre’s works received high appreciation in theatrical festivals in Karaganda and Pavlodar.

The repertoire of the theatre is very diverse. Spectators could enjoy comedies: S.Akhmad “Kelinder Koterilisi”, O.Bodykov “Uilengim Kelmeidy”; dramas: S.Zhunusov “Abylai”, B.Mukai “Tagdyr” and others. Theatre takes active part in the social life of the oblast. The actors prepared and several large-scale theatrical performance to special celebrations.

For 10 years of its existence theatre obtained true admirers of its art, many plays are very popular with spectators. Actors are well-known not only to spectators in the oblast but to spectators in other regions of kazakhstan.

In 2006 Kazakh musical-drama theatre celebrated its 10th anniversary. The founders of the theatre, director Muratbek Ukubayevich Ospanov, actors Kumarbek Kalkatayev, Aina Zhunusova, Toleubek Konbai, Zharas Kaldarov and Zhanar Kusainova were awarded with the honourable sign “Madeniet Kairatkeri” for the long-term work and high creating art.

Akmola Oblast Russian Drama Theatre

On 28 October, 1977 the curtain of the first theatrical season was raised in Kokshetau Oblast Russian Drama Theatre. The founders of the theatre were honoured arts worker of Kazakhstan Y.Kuklinsky and director Y.Lakomov.

The theatre staged such plays, which had received various diplomas, honour prizes and medals: D.Jesha “Favourite” (1980) - Festival of Hungarian Dramatic Art; H. Wuolijoki “Women of Niskavuori” (1981) - Festival of Dramatic Art of Finland in the Soviet Union; A.Chkaidze “From Three to Six” (1984) - the winner of the Republican contest of modern plays; “Investigator’s Autumn” of G.Danailov (1988) - Festival of Bulgarian Dramatic Art.

The repertoire included the plays created by the works of Russian classicists A.Chekhov “Seagull” (1983); F.Dostoyevsky “Crime and Punishment” (1980); N.Gogol “Auditor” (1986). Theatre also staged the plays of Kazakh authors – G.Musrepov “Love Poem” (1978); S.Zhunusov “House in Steppe” (1979); C.Ualikhanov “Chokan’s Oath” (1982); O.Zhanaidarov “Okzhetpes” by the poem of S.Seifullin “Kokshetau” (1994).

2002 became an important year for the theatre. On its 25th anniversary the theatre received a present – new theatre house with two halls – the hall for spectators (200 seats) and the multifunctional hall (150 seats). Today the theatre has the decorative, make-up, dressing, transport and timber processing rooms.

In 2002 the personnel of the theatre changed. V.Tarasov, the honourable art worker, became the director. The theatre producer is the prize-winner of the State Award of Chuvashia, I.Dmitriyev. Today the troupe consists of 30 actors.

The theatre closely cooperates with famous producers of Kazakhstan and CIS. To stage the play “Twelfth Night” of W. Shakespeare (2003) famous Russian actor O.Zarynakin was invited, and to stage the play “Don Juan” of M. Frish (2003) national actor of USSR, Khalyk Kaharmany A.Mambetov was invited. The director of the first puppet play “Golden Chicken” of V.Orlov (2003) was the honourable actor of Kyrgyzstan V.Annikov. Since 2003 the theatre cooperates with the director from Russia Y.Kokorin. His plays are the significant contribution into the theatrical culture of Kazakhstan: “Profitable Place” of A.Ostrovsky (2004), “Vampire” of A.Tolstoi (2003). For the first time in Kazakhstan such plays were staged: rock opera “Romeo and Juliet” of W.Shakespeare (2004), play “Night Stars” of O.Zhanaidarov (2004), chronicles of Catherine ІІ “Favourite” of V.Pikul, G.Bodykina (2006).

In 2005 at the national theatre festival in Astana City the play “Night Stars” of O.Zhanaidarov staged by Y.Kokorin was awarded with the Diploma.

The repertoire includes such plays staged by the director I.Dmitriyev “Evening” of A.Dudaryov (2003), “Cherry Orchard” of A. Chekhov (2002), “The Bat” of J.Strauss (2005г.), “Liar” of M.Meio, N.Enneken (2006) and others.

The play “The Queen of Spades” of A.Pushkin staged by Y.Kokorin was awarded with the Diploma of VІІІ of the International Festival of Russian Theatres in CIS and the Baltic States “Meetings in Russia” that was held in April 2006 in Saint-Petersburg.

In 2006, in honour of the 15th anniversary of the Independence of Kazakhstan, at the 14th national theatre festival in Astana City the play of O.Lutsiva “Aladdin’s Magic Lamp” based on the Arabic fairy-tale was awarded with the Diploma for the best director’s work.

In 29 years of the theatre’s work there were more than 300 plays staged and 5 million spectators watched the plays.

East-Kazakhstan Oblast Drama Theatre of Zhambyl Zhabayev is one of the oldest theatres; its actors are well known even outside of Kazakhstan.

47 Tokhtarov St., Ust-Kamenogorsk

Phones: 8-3232- 26-02-10; 26-54-72; 26-19-52; 26-54-72


The year of foundation is 1936. In December 2002 one of the most beautiful buildings in our city became 100 years old – Oblast Drama Theatre of Zhambyl. Initially it was called Public House, which was opened on 26 October 1902. There was no stable professional troupe, and in 1935 the citizens of the city appealed to M.Kalinin with the request to provide help in the formation of the troupe. In January 1936 the first theatrical season was opened with the play of N.Gogol “Marriage”. In 1939 East Kazakhstan became a separate oblast and Ust-Kamenogorsk Munical Theatre received the status of the oblast theatre. In July 1946 by the decision of Ust-Kamenogorsk Municipal Executive Committee, the Oblast Drama Theatre was named after Zhambylin honour of his 100th anniversary. At the different stages of the creating work of the theatre it successfully staged “Anna Karenina” of L. Tolstoy, “A Midsummer Night's Dream” of W. Shakespeare, for which the theatre was awarded with Level I Diploma, “Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich” of Lev Tolstoy, “Idiot” of F.Dostoyevsky “Idiot” of F. Dostoyevsky, “Small Tragedies” of A. Pushkin. In various years the honourable actors, directors and artists from the Soviet republics of Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Bashkiria and other republics were working on the stage of our theatre (N.Kurgansky, N.Belkin, G.Dolzhanskaya, M.Starodubov, E.Minsky, A.Vorobyev, A.Mertz).

Theatre tours included numerous cities of the USSR and the Republic of Kazakhstan (Moscow and Moscow oblast, 1990, Ulan-Ude 1989, Vladivistok 1986, Gomel 1987 etc.).

East-Kazakhstan Oblast Drama Theatre of F. Dostoyevsky in Semipalatinsk

Kazakh State Academic Drama Theatre of M.Auezov.

The theatre was founded in 1926 in Kzyl-Orda. That year it was transferred to Alma-Ata.

In 1936 it received the title “academic” and the name of M.Auezov.

Address of the theatre: 103 Abai Ave., Almaty 020000

State Academic Russian Drama Theatre of Y. Lermontov

The theatre was founded in 1933 in Alma-Ata.

The founders of the theatre were the first director Y.Rutkovsky, actors E.Kruchinina, Z.Morskaya, S.Assuirov, M.Brandt.

In 1964 the theatre was named after M.Lermontov. In 1974 it received the title “Academic”.

In 1983 the troupe of the theatre received the Award of Friendship of Peoples.

The repertoire of the theatre includes the works of Russian classics, classical Kazakh dramatic art.

Address of the theatre: 43 Abai Ave., Almaty

State Academic Theatre for Children and Youth of G.Musrepov

The theatre was founded in October 1944 under the management of the national actor of USSR N.Sats.

In 1946 the Kazakh troupe was founded.

The founders of the theatre are honourable actors of the Republic of Kazakhstan A.Mambetov, A.Smailov, honourable actor of the Republic of Kazakhstan, M.Bakhtygereyev.

Address of the theatre: 38 Abylai Khan, Almaty 020000.

State Academic Russian Theatre for Children and Youth of N.Sats

The theatre was founded on 7 November, 1945 by Nataliya Ilinichna Sats with the direct participation of Sergey Eisenstein, Vera Maretskaya, Nikolai Cherkasov.

On 24 August, 1995 the theatre received the status “academic”.

That year it was also named after N.Sats.

62 premier nights were staged I nthe theatre.

Address of the theatre: 38 Abylai Khan, Almaty 020000, phone 324-966

Republican German Drama Theatre

German Drama Theatre was founded on 25 December 1980 in Temirtau. In 1988 the theatre was transferred to Alma-Ata.

The group of the actors of the theatre consisted of the graduates from the theatrical college of Shchukin (Moscow City).

At present the actors of the theatre are the graduates from the German Theatrical Academy.

Address of the theatre: 64-D Satpayev, Almaty 020000, phone 465775

State Republican Uigur Theatre of Musical Comedy

Its biography started in 1934 wit the musical drama “Anarkhan”.

Basic performances of the theatre are “Nazugum”, “Lashman”, “Secrets of Mukams”, “Bilal-Nazim”, “Garib and Sanam”, “Sadyr Paluan”, as well as: “Doctor willy-nilly” of J-B. Moliere, “Othello” of W. Shakespeare, “White Ship” of C.Aitmatov, “Aiman-Sholpan” of M.Auezov, “Kyz-Zhibek” of G.Musrepov, “Foreigner” of I.Khurmusli.

Address of the theatre: 83 Nauryzbai Batyr, Almaty 020000

Republican Korean Theatre of Musical Comedy

The theatre was founded on 9 September, 1932 in Vladivistok.

In 1937 during the deportation of Koreans to Kazakhstan it was transferred to Kzyl-Orda.

Since 1968 the theatre operates in Almaty.

In 1982 the theatre received the Honour Award.

Address of the theatre: 83 Nauryzbai Batyr, Almaty.

Manghystau Oblast Musical Drama Theatre of Nurmukhan Zhanturin

The theatre was founded on 3 April, 2002 in Aktau.

Basic performances of the theatre are “Kyz-Zhibek” of G.Musrepov, “Tomiris”, “Makhambet”, “Akbobek”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “Looking for You”, “Kelinder Koterilisi”, “Marriage Idyll”, “Aldar Kose”, “Aladdin”.

Address of the theatre: 83 Nauryzbai Batyr, Almaty.

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