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About Kazakhstan / History / Religion

The Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan guarantees freedom of conscience and religion. According to statistics, there are 1503 religious associations and communities, belonging to 30 confessions in Kazakhstan. There are followers among believers almost of all world religions: Islam, Christianity (Orthodoxy, Catholicism and Protestant currents), Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, ancient polytheistic cults and modern new formations. The most traditional religions for local population take an important place in confessional spectrum of Kazakhstan such as Islam of Sunnite kind and Russian Orthodox Christianity. There are almost 60% from all registered religious associations and dominating number of believers in the Republic. For the small period of sovereign development in Kazakhstan the number of Muslim associations increased more than in 13 times, having reached to 1995 almost 600 associations. In 1990, Spiritual Moslems Administration was formed in Kazakhstan. According to latest information, there are 11 million of Moslems of 24 nationalities in Kazakhstan. The Russian Orthodox Christianity having 202 comings is one of the most powerful religious directions in Kazakhstan, being structural division of Moscow patriarchy. Except for traditional religions, there are many organizations with exotic religious belief in Kazakhstan. There are Moslems-Sunnites - 47%, Orthodox Christians - 44%, Protestants - 2%, representatives of other religions - 7% in Kazakhstan.

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