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Alternative rounds / Mangystau oblast / Health Day

Health is the first and natural human need. You can refuse anything but not health. If you have no health, nothing else is important. We often see our health as something that goes without saying. We believe it is normal to take care of those things that surround us and very often put our health by. Meanwhile, it is more and more difficult to stay healthy in the modern world and aggressive environment.
Firma Tourist LLP invites you to take part in the Health Day in the STIGL sports and health entertainment center.
The Health Day program includes a big swimming pool, sauna, fitness room, gym; Funny Start games, lawn tennis, basketball, sea-shore stroll, travel to the recreation place and back, meal (lunch and dinner in a cafe) and insurance.

* Adult: 12,000 tenge
* Child below 7: 4,500 tenge
* Child between 7 and 15: 8 900 tenge

For additional payment: massage, bowling, billiard.

The Health Day is based on group applications. One group includes 25 to 30 people. An application should be filed in Firma Tourist LLP at least 5 days prior to the planned date. To make an insurance polis, participant lists should be submitted 2 days before the departure indicating name, birth date and address.
Would you like to recreate in a premium sports and health entertainment center to get filled with cheer and good mood? This program is exactly what you want!

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