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Alternative rounds / Almaty oblast / Butakov Waterfalls

Butakov Waterfalls are located three kilometers from the city outskirts in the Butakov River Valley (one of the Small Almatinka tributaries). The Butakov River itself is a popular recreation place among Almaty citizens and visitors. Several old youth recreation camps and a small hotel are located in the upstream area (approx. 4 km from the recreation places).

One of the most pleasant tours in this area is the Butakov Waterfalls tour. For this, you should move up the road to the point it ends and then another 2 km by a path. You will have a spring on your way that is easy to pass. Another spring will cross the path after you have left behind 2 km. This spring will lead you to the waterfalls. The waterfalls are hidden therefore you should better ask tourists, if you are not sure that you can find them.

You can continue and go to the Butakov Pass. This will take about two hours. The area is unusual and beautiful. The pass opens on the beautiful Talgar Peak (the highest in Ili Alatau, 5017m). You can continue along the Kimassar Ridge or to the Left Talgar River Valley.

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