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Republic of Kazakhstan
33, Abai Ave.
Astana city, 010000
Tel.: +7 7172 75 31 35
Fax: +7 7172 75 32 83
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About Kazakhstan / Ethnic food / Kazakh Wine

Wine-making was born in early 1950s in Kazakhstan. It developed successfully and had good future. The sector broadly used the experience of Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. Kazakh wine-makers used all the achievements of the famous Magarach Viticulture and Wine-Making Institute, Yalta. There have of course been favorable climatic conditions to raise grapes both in the south and Ili Alatau Piedmont. Specialization facilitated the wine-making. E.g., Almaty Oblast grows grapes for champagne and natural wine whereas Shymkent for dessert and sweet wine, etc.

In 1985 in Kazakhstan and other Soviet Republics, the dry law campaign began. Vineyards were not cut out here but wine-making companies had to change their business and reconstruct to make juices. This was difficult to do because juice-making differed a lot from wine production. No demand for grapes killed the raw-material base in several years. Privatization that separated vineyard sovkhozes from primary wine-making companies also pushed the sector back. Many wine-making companies went to the hands of non-specialists who did not know what to use them for.

Our main wine makers are АО Bahus, АО Kazakhstan Winery, TOO Dionis Winery and TOO TPK Zerger (Zhetysu Winery).

TOO Dionis Winery was established in the former Ilyich sovkhoz. It has ben making grape wine since 1974. The company is in the Issyk River’s valley and has its own vineyards that provide feedstock though not fully. However, Dionis makes good natural dry and semi-dry wines of acceptable prices.

The Kazakhstan wines are made by well-known master Leonid Jahangirov. The Winery offers a broad range of dry and semi-dry wines including vintage Rkatsiteli Kazakhstan and age dry Aligote wines.

Bahus is not only today’s leader in producing vodka and cognac but also noble wines. Champagne wine, i.e. sparkling wine made by champagnization is only made by Bahus in Kazakhstan. Collection champagnes are kept in bottles at least three years. Bahus also offer aerated wine with natural Morning Dew peach extract.

Kaplanbek Wines

Gardens and vineyards were established in Kaplanbek sovkhoz in 1930s. A winery was built in 1934. Its first products were made in autumn (ordinary wines only). In early 1950s vintage wine-making was born. In as early as 1964, Kaplanbek won first prize in the Republic for its grape yield. Kaplanbek wines were demonstrated in international exhibitions in Russia, Germany, Hungary, Yugoslavia and France. They have been awarded 40 golden, silver and bronze medals.

The total production area is 7.32 ha. The vineyard area is 249 ha.

Almaty Oblast

Sattilik Shops Chain
Taldykorgan City, 68/78 Tauelsizdik Str.
tel: +7 3282 223360, 210976

Piaterochka Shop
Taldykorgan City, Molodezhny Micro Raion, House 79
tel: +7 3282 301544, 247544

Skiff Trade Shop
Taldykorgan City, Rakishev Str. Intersection Konayev Str.
tel: +7 3282 251619

Almaty City

Bahus Shop
Googol Str., House 223, tel. +7 3272 503050;
Gete Str., House 375, tel. +7 3272 511492;
Seifullin Str., House176, tel. +7 3272 945496;
Gogol Str., House 192, tel. +7 3272 585575;
Micro Raion Aksai 3b, House 32, tel. +7 3272 239183

Semirechye Winery
Suyunbai Ave, House 461а, tel. +7 3272 503893

Issyk Winery
Suyunbai Ave, House 211, tel. +7 3272 360887

South Kazakhstan Oblast

TOO АVК Kaplanbek
South Kazakhstan Oblast, Saryagash Raion,
Gornoye Village, Tyshenko Str.
Tel: +7 32537 53350

East Kazakhstan Oblast
Bahus Wine Shop
Semipalatinsk City, 75а Shakarim Ave.
tel. +7 3222 568773

Jibek Joly Shopping Center
Semipalatinsk City, Ch. Valihanov Str. Intersection International Str.
tel.+7 3222 523789

AiMar Super Market
Semipalatinsk City, 36 International Str.
tel. +7 3222 522827

Mangystau Oblast
Ardager Hyper Market
Aktau City, Micro Raion 9
Tel: +7 3292 433911

Astana Shopping Center
Aktau City, Micro Raion 14
Tel: +7 3292 315125

Kazakhstan Shopping Center
Astana, Micro Raion 4
Tel: +7 3292 505234

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