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Alternative rounds / Almaty oblast / Altyn Emel National Park

Altyn Emel, one of the largest national parks in Kazakhstan, is among the southern branches of the Jungar Alatau Ridge (520,000 ha). The Park has unique natural formations and ancient cultural monuments that are subject to eco-tourism such as Singing Barkhan, Aktau Mountains forming a “moon” landscape and five mounds called Bes Shatyr. You can find ancient people’s rock drawings. You can meet the animals included in the Kazakh Red Book in the Park such as goitered gazelles and koulans, as well as black stork, golden eagle, serpent eagle, bearded vulture, etc.

You can see virgin uninhabited locations such as the amazingly beautiful Aktau terrain (White Mountains) with wonderful colors and ancient Paleo-Tethys floor depositions. A fantastic landscape! There is an oasis in these waterless vast where wild/snow men are narrated to have lived. There is a cave cut out in a cliff with a cross carved out in its floor. This was a probably dwelling place of a Christian anchorite (Nestorian Christian traces can be seen across Central Asian, Mongolia and China).

Tours: Singing Barkhans, Bes Shatyr burial mounds, caves and rock drawings, White Mountains, a National Park stroll and watching the animals.

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