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Alternative rounds / Mangystau oblast / Pilgrimage to Underground Beket Ata Mosue

The Beket Ata underground mosque is special in the Muslim world. It is a holy place equal to Mohammed and Kozhahmet burial grounds. All the year round, pilgrims come here to open their souls. One mention of Beket Ata is said to divert trouble and one prayer in the mosque can work wonders.
Who was Beket Ata?
He was born in 1750. He became famous as a clairvoyant, healer and a man knowledgeable of physical, mathematical and astronomical laws. He was a highly educated person. He was taught by a Peer in Buhara. After his studies, he built five mosques, three of which are under ground in Mangystau. When he became a Sufi he established a Sufi school in the Oglandy underground mosque. Later, this mosque became an open-air observatory center. Appreciating his contribution in the Sufi science, Sufis elected him a Peer and entrusted a crosier to him. Beket Ata died when he was 63 years old and was buried in the Oglandy underground mosque in Mangystau. Pilgrims have been coming here for two hundred years to bow to the holy spirit and find healing and piece and luck in their mundane life.


A group that comes to the Aktau airport or train station will be met and accommodated in a dormitory. The group will go on the route after some rest, preparation and briefing.
The pilgrimage to the Beket Ata underground mosque takes 1.5 day. The first 150 km will be an asphalt road then it is steppe, passing another holy mosque of Shopan Ata who was the spiritual tutor of Beket Ata as the legend says. The Shopan Ata Necropolis on an old Mangyshlak-Horesm caravan road is in the southeastern part of the peninsula and may be the biggest and most ancient one in Mangyshlak.
It extends towards the both sides of a shallow and narrow gully descending the Holy Shopan Ata Hill. After visiting the Shopan Ata Mosque and having some rest, you will continue to the holy Beket Ata land where the main pilgrimage part begins. Sacrifice will be arranged. Then an overnight stop and in the morning you will walk to the Mosque among rocks. You will have the opportunity to pray and open your soul in a small room where Beket Ata prayed and taught children. After returning to the city and having some rest, the group will be accompanied to the airport or train station.

The 2-day program price per person is 3,800 tenge,
The price includes: transportation, guide and accidence insurance.
The 4-day program price per person is 22,900 tenge
The price includes: 2-day travel to the Mosque, hotel stay, transportation, a guide, accidence insurance, meeting and sending off.

5 to 7-day programs are available. These will include excursions on Aktau and Mangystau nature, visits to the Shakpak Ata (X-XI centuries) and Sultan Epe Mosques. Provided will also be recreation on the sea, meeting and sending off, meal, hotel, transportation and other optional services.
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