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Planning of rounds / The Silk Road

Silk Road

Do you know why the Silk Road is called a silk road? Do you know how long ago the amazingly fine silk threads of the silkworm chrysalis got to Europe from China? Would you like to travel along the South Kazakhstan’s Silk Road? If you do, let’s go!

Why Silk Road?

The Silk Road is one of the most important achievements in the world civilization history that connected the ancient civilizations of the West and East. The name “Silk Road” is related to silk - precious goods for the Western countries at the time. The Silk Road was not only a mutually beneficial trading link between peoples but also inter-penetration of religions, cultures, science and technology. This road was laid in the 11th century B.C. and existed till the 16th century A.D. As a trade route, the Silk Road appeared as early as the 3rd century B.C.

The longest part of the Silk Road went through Central Asia including Kazakhstan. Caravans loaded with Chinese silk, Indian spices and gems, Iranian silverware, Byzantine linen, ceramics and many other goods traveled deserts and boundless steppes and passed mountains and rivers.

The Silk Road and Central Asian Cities

On the way of caravans, along the entire Silk Road rich cities started appearing and flowering such as Otrar or Turkistan, trade and handicraft settlements and caravanserais. The Silk Road was traveled by Marco Polo, Guillom de Rubruc, Jovanni Marinollo and many others.

Visit magnificent ancient architectural buildings, get familiar with the picturesque nature, feel the hot winds of deserts, view the striking beauty of a fluttering bird and dazzling mountain peaks of the Silk Road. Have a look at the past and you will see today in it. Bon Voyage in the Great Era and on the Silk Road!

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