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Organization of travel / Rules for obtaining visa

Rules for obtaining visa of the Republic of Kazakhstan

On obtaining visa of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Foreign citizens and those without citizenship need to obtain a visa for entrance to the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan (RK), if otherwise is not regulated by the international agreements of the RK.

The visa of the RK is glued in the passport or other acceptable document by the RK document, proving the identity, and valid for passage (passport should expire in 6 months after the end of term of Kazakhstan visa), and gives the right to enter and stay in the RK, as well as to leave it or cross the territory of the RK by transit.

1. The basis for issuing visa of the Republic of Kazakhstan and prolongation of visa are applications of international organizations, foreign countries' representations as well as the state organizations of the RK to the Department of Consular Service (DCS) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan (MFA) in Astana or its representation in the city of Almaty.

Non-government organizations inviting foreign citizens as tourists and with business purposes need to submit written applications to the DCS of the MFA after issuance of permit of local subdivisions of migration police service of the regional level (as for the residents of Astana and Almaty cities - migration police of the Ministry of internal affairs departments in Astana and Almaty cities).

For invitation of the citizens of Australia, Austria, Andorra, Argentine, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Vatican, the Great Britain, Hungary, Greece, Denmark, Israel, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Canada, Cyprus, the Republic of Korea, Costa-Rika, Cube, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Nauru, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San-Marine, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, the USA, Turkey, Uruguay, Czech Republic, Chili, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, France, BRD, Estonia, South African Republic (SAR), Jamaica, Japan with business or tourist purposes a permit from the internal affairs bodies, is not required, i.e. that invitations of host organizations should be submitted directly to the DCS of the MFA (Astana or Almaty).

For foreign citizens arriving to the Republic of Kazakhstan on personal matters, the permit to enter Kazakhstan should be processed by the internal affairs bodies (police) of the RK.

2. For obtaining visa of the RK foreign citizens should apply to a diplomatic/consular institution of the RK in the country of residence submitting valid passport (or international travel document), a copy of invitation letter with a notification of a number of visa support of the DCS of the MFA (or original of an individual invitation issued by the Police), filled visa application and photo.


11. Business visa is issued to foreign citizens and persons without citizenship traveling to the RK with business purposes (for participation in business negotiations, different forums, market research, etc.) on the basis of applications of non-government legal entities, registered on the territory of the RK.

12. For issuance of tourist visa it is necessary to obtain approval on admission of the tourist organization of the RK, which should have a license granting a right to implement a tourist activity.

For citizens of the countries indicated in the item 2, tourist visa can be issued in consular posts of the MFA in the airports of Astana, Almaty, Atyrau, Uralsk and Ust-Kamenogorsk on the basis of applications of tourist organizations to the DCS of the RK MFA.

13. Study visa is issued with permission of internal affairs bodies (migration police) on the basis of petitions of educational institutions in accordance with the objectives of stay in compliance with the visa category.

14. Visa for medical treatment is issued to foreigners and persons without citizenship traveling to Kazakhstan for treatment, medical check, consultations and other similar purposes on the issues of petitions of the relevant institutions and organizations confirming the character of the invitation.

15. Visa for permanent residence is issued on the basis of necessary documents processed in the order stipulated by the legislation.

16. Transit visa of the RK is issued on the basis of documents (visa) valid to enter the country of destination and relevant tickets with confirmation of departure date from the transfer point on the territory of Kazakhstan, not later than 5 days from the moment of arrival to the port or station located in the territory of the RK. Transit visa is issued for the period of five days.

Prolongation of visa is made by institutions of the DCS of the MFA and migration police of regions and the Astana and Almaty cities.

In case of obtaining visa in another place, then it was indicated in visa support due to various circumstances, visa is issued by diplomatic or consular mission of MFA RK in the place, where foreign citizen applied.

17. Registration of foreign citizens.

Registration of foreign citizens at the Police should be done within 5 days after their arrival into Kazakhstan. This is also to inform, that the Rule on registration of foreigners now is amended. Nationals of the following countries - Australia, Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Canada, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, USA, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, France, Germany, Japan and Republic of Korea can obtain registration, while receiving their visas at the Kazakhstan Consulates abroad, or can obtain registration while crossing border checkpoints at 12 international airports of Kazakhstan. After getting registration at Consulate abroad or at border checkpoint at 12 international airports of Kazakhstan there is no need to apply to Police for registration.

As from 01.01.2006, citizens of all countries arriving through 12 international airports of Kazakhstan, international rail station «Dusty»-Alashankou, through automobile border checkpoints Khorgos, Dostyk, Bakhty, Maikapshagai, Kordai, Kolzhat and at sea ports Aktau and Bautino can also obtain registration at the border. If a foreigner does not get registration at above border checkpoints, it is also possible to obtain it at the local police.

18. The amount of the fee for consular services for document processing and visa issuance is formed from the amount of the approved consular dues and the amount of reimbursement for actual expenditures, which are collected in USD or in currency of a country where mission of Kazakhstan is accredited on the mutual basis. The diplomatic and consular missions of Kazakhstan in various countries, due to local living levels, have different tariffs of consular dues within the limit of base minimum and maximum amounts of consular dues rates, approved by the Resolution of the Government of the RK of 29.12.2001 # 1751.

In accordance with the basic rates, the amount of consular dues for one-entry visa of the RK for entrance (exit) or its prolongation for the term of less than three months may amount to USD 10-30;

- one-entry-exit or exit-entry visa of the RK or its prolongation for the term of less than 3 months - USD 20-60;

- double entry-exit or exit-entry visa of the RK or its prolongation for the term of less than 3 months – USD 30-90;

- triple entry-exit or exit-entry visa of the RK or its prolongation for the term of less than 3 months - USD 35-105;

- multiple visa and its prolongation for the term of

1 year - USD 100-200;

2 years - USD 200-400;

- tourist one-entry visa for less than 30 days - USD 20-40;

- tourist double-entry visa for less than 60 days - USD 30-60;

- transit visa – USD 10-30.

19. In accordance with the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 23.01.2006 # 46, “investor” visas are issued free of charge.

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