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Alternative rounds / Akmola oblast / Walking Routes

Zeleny Mys Recreation Base – Bolshaya Galeyevaya Hill route
Route duration: 1 day
Length: 15 km
No more than 20 persons in a group.
The route goes along the right bank of the Zerendy Lake to Lesnoye Hoziaystvo Town, then crosses small hills, birch shrubs and a pine-tree-dominated mixed forest to the Bolshaya Galeyevaya Hill. A view excursion.
Short rest every 1 hour on specially equipped sites.
Package lunch.

Imantau recreation base – Buyan Gorge route
Route duration: 1 day
Length: 10 km
No more than 20 persons in a group.
The route goes southward along the Imantau Lake through a mixed forest, crosses the Zmeika River and have a short stop by the Borovushka spring. Then there is a number ascents and descents. The total ascending height is 500 m. Halting sites have good view of the Kazachy Island and the mirror of the Imantau Lake with waterfowl. You can hear rare birds singing and see a fox during ascent. After reaching the Buyan Gorge, lunch will be organized, swimming in the Imantau Lake, crayfish catching and fishing. Return.

Imantau recreation base – Mountain hills route
Route duration: 1 day
Length: 7 km
No more than 20 persons in a group.
The route goes southwestward through a mixed forest and the Borovushka Recreation Zone. Then it ascends the eastern slope of the Uglovaya Hill through a corduroy passage to a cave. A viewing site is set here. Then it ascends the Kotelok Hill where another viewing site is set. Then it descends the 250-steep western slope to the Buyan Shel Gorge and has short rest. Then it goes northeastward along the Imantau Lake shore and returns to the Imantau Recreation Base.

Turpan recreation base – two brothers hills route
Route duration: 1 day
Length: 6,5 km
No more than 20 persons in a group.
The route begins on a southward country road. Then it goes through a sparse pine-tree shrubs, chipped birches and pine forests to the Aiyrtauchik Lake where children’s sanitary camps are located. A little southward are two hill like two brothers. The ascent to the peak is 300 m. There is a beautiful view from the hill peaks: numerous small and large lakes, a dense pine forest and towns all this provides an unspeakable beauty of this place. Return to the Turpan Recreation Base after having some rest and package lunch.

Turpan recreation base – south shalkar lake route
Route duration: 1 day
Length: 7 km
No more than 20 persons in a group.
The route goes along the southern shore of the Shalkar Lake, one of the biggest lakes in Aiyrtau Raion. The water is salty and similar to sea water by its chemical composition. The lake is rich of perch, carp and ripus. Rod fishing is developed here. The route goes along a stone shore difficult to pass. Sand beaches form occasionally where mountains step back. The Shalkar shore is a favorite location for tourists from nearby villages and towns, Kazakh and Russian Oblasts. Beautiful locations caused many recreation bases and zones. The Shalkar Su Sanatorium is famous outside of Kazakhstan. Hills covered mostly by a pine forest is impends almost the entire southern shore of the Lake. Many springs flow out from the hills.
The route leaves the Turpan Recreation Base and goes by a narrow meandering path to reach the Pearl and Black Lagoon sand curves and the Shalkar Su Sanatorium and Gorniak Recreation Base with a far-prograding stony cape. Sand beaches alternate with stony shore along the entire route. The route passes the Lazurnaya, Ulan, Shalkar and Rodniki Recreation bases and Fishers’ House. Short-rest locations are set with viewing sites along the route.

Zeleny Mys – Zerendy Lake Shore route
Route duration: 1 day
The length: 15 km
No more than 20 persons in a group.
The route goes eastward along the shore of the Zerendy Lake. You will be told about the origin of a wonderful location such as Zerendy. It means “bracelet” from Kazakh. Indeed, the lake embraces the Green Cape shore. A forest massif approaches the lake. The lake is rich with fish that can be rod-fished. A group will visit the Fish Center of the National Park where fish is raised for the lakes in North Kazakhstan. The route crosses Zerendy Raion, a former fort post of Siberian Cossacks later transformed in a Cossack village. The region of mountains and forests, gorges and springs attracts tourists and vacationers. Ten thousands recreate and restore their health in children’s recreation camps, bases and houses. The route passes all the treatment and recreation institutions and ends in its starting point. The route is equipped with short-rest viewing sites. Lunch is provided for in a café in Zerendy.

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