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Alternative rounds / Almaty oblast / Almaty National Park

There is a Preserve in the National Park. The Almaty Preserve is in the Talgar and Issyk rivers basins (91.6 thousand ha). The area is diverse in landscape pattern and has scientifically valuable objects. The Preserve has a museum reflecting its activities where you can see representative flora and fauna inhabiting its area. The Preserve is a habitat of the snow leopard and various animals including deer, eagles, wild sheep (argali) and gazelle (goitered gazelle). Local travel agencies can help you to have all the necessary documents to be in the Preserve. One of the most popular approaches is the route crossing the Talgar Pass and TEO Pass.

The recommended walking routes include the Issyk River and Okkol Lake.

A three-day route starts with the Talgar Pass and further through the Bogdanovich Glacier Moraine. Then it goes up to the Abai Pass (3810 m) northward of Abai town (4010m) and follows by descending to the Tuyuk Su camp.

A similarly long route starts from the Talgar Pass, descends to the Left Talgar River, ascends to the Tourist River and further to the Tourist Pass (3930 m), and ends at the junction of the Mutnaya and Ozernaya Rivers and to the Large Almaty Lake.

An 18-day route to the Talgar Mountain starts from the Left Talgar River and proceeds to the Nauruksai River and TEO Pass (3600 m). It follows to the Talgar midstream through the Tustai Pass (3600m) to the Right Talgar. Then it goes through the northeastern slope of the Right Talgar to the Metallurgist Glacier and Birkaragan Pass (3490 m) and then to the Issyk River that leads to the road.

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