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Planning of rounds / South Kazakhstan Tour

People: 40-45

Day 1
Visiting Sairam (20 km from Shymkent). Visiting the burial places of A. Yassawi’s parents: Ibrahim Ata, Karashash Ana. Visiting the historical museum in Sairam. Departure to Otrar after lunch (200 km). Arrival and visiting the Otrar Museum. Visiting the Mausoleum of Arystan Bab, A. Yassawi’s teacher and spiritual tutor. Departure to Turkistan (60 km). Hotel accommodation and overnight stay in Turkistan.

Day 2
A. Yassawi’s architectural compound tour:
· Oriental bath house and museum
· A fragment of the fort wall stronghold
· Buying souvenirs
Visiting the holy Kieli Keme location in the Kazygurt Rayon (70 km from Shymkent). Hotel accommodation and dinner.

Day 3
Shymkent tour with visiting the Recreation Zone (dendropark and zoo) and the Oblast Museum. Some free time after lunch. Rest or visiting bazaar (bowling center and park stroll for separate fee). Hotel dinner and disco and departure.

The three-day tour price per person is KZT 7,800. The price includes:

  • 3 full-day transportation
  • Hotel
  • 3 meals – 3 days
  • Entrance tickets
  • Guide’s services
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