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Alternative rounds / East Kazakhstan oblast / Ascent from Beluha Mountain from Berel Glacier Tour

Program Duration: 11 days.
Favorable season: June- September.
Difficulty category: 3А

Ascent program:
Day 1. Travel to the Yazev Lake (480 km).
Day 2. Walk from the Yazev Lake to Berel Bridge (18 km).
Day 3. Walk from the bridge to the icefall.
Day 4. Ascent to the Berel Pass. Approach the eastern peak piedmont by the plateau.
Day 5. Access the eastern peak shoulder, ascend the peak and descend the storm camp.
Day 6. Descend to the madder under the icefall.
Day 7. Walk to the Lower Kokkol Camp.
Day 8. Day stay. Radial approach to the Upper Camp.
Day 9. Walk to Sarsembai’s winter quarters.
Day 10. Walk to the Yazev Lake.
Day 11. Transfer to Ust-Kamenogorsk City.

PRICE PER 1 PERSON (4 to 12 persons group) is 155$
The price includes:
-Route transportation.
-3 meals throughout the tour.
- A guide
- Insurance
- Bonfire outfit
The price excludes:
- City transfer
- Tent rent
- Personal outfit rent
- Special outfit rent
- Border zone permit execution

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