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Alternative rounds / Mangystau oblast / Mangystau Holy Places Route

Sacred relics
The Beket Ata underground mosque is special in the Muslim world. It is a holy place equal to Mohammed and Kozhahmet burial grounds. All the year round, pilgrims come here to open their souls. One mention of Beket Ata is said to divert trouble and one prayer in the mosque can work wonders.
Day 1: Meeting, transfer, Aktau hotel accommodation, White Wall Aktau Excursion, visit the Regional History Museum and Picture Gallery.
Day 2: Visit the Shopan Ata underground mosque and have rest, then continue to the holy Beket Ata land where the main pilgrimage part will begin. Sacrifice will be organized and then tourists spend the night in a guest house.
Day 3: Walk to the Mosque among rocks by a meandering path. You will have the opportunity to pray in a small room where Beket Ata prayed and taught children. Return to the hotel in Aktau.
Day 4: Breakfast, The Mangyshlak Grey-Haired Antiquity Excursion tells about Islam and memorials and visits 6 necropolises dated back to 9-19 centuries. Rest in the picturesque Sultan Epe canyon overgrown with shrubs, trees and grass. Return to the hotel
Day 5: Breakfast, the From the Depth of Centuries Excursion will visit the underground mosque of Shakpak Ata, a historical and cultural monument of the 10th century. The gloomy sanctuary squeezed by thick walls and full of drawings and signs is hidden from the surface and sky and human voices. Rest on the sea.
Day 6: Departure

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