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Alternative rounds / Almaty oblast / Gorelnik River Waterfalls

Route: combined, automobile and walking
Duration: 8 hours
Length: 20 km

Comfortable bus will bring tourists to the Small Almaty Gorge through a mudflow dam to the Gorelnik River mouth. The walking part starts here.

The Gorelnik River is the most full-flowing left affluent of the Small Almaty River. It is 7.8km long.
The Gorelnik’s mountain stream flows in the Small Almaty River at the altitude of 1900 m above sea-level, 3 km from the highland ice rink.

The first interesting object on the way is a hydrogen sulfide radon spring. A path along the river leads to a narrow. The river has been pushing through into a deep gorge for many thousands of years. Grey granite cliffs stand tens of meters up from the both sides. The mountain stream rapidly flows from stone to stone to rumble down from 10 m height into a water spray. The lower Gorelnik waterfall opens for tourists in all its magnificence, its sheets playing with all the rainbow colors in sun rays. The water has a sulfate-hydro carbonate, sodium composition. You can also admire a beautiful panorama and the Medeu Stadium.

Return by the same bus or a public vehicle.

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