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Political system: The Republic of Kazakhstan is a presidential state. The Republic claims to be a democratic, temporal, jural and social state.

Capital: The capital city of Kazakhstan is Astana located in the northern part of the Republic. At the same time, Astana is the central point of Eurasia by its geographic location. The largest city is Almaty.

Area: 2,724,900 km2.

Population: 15,219,300

Administrative arrangement: 14 Oblasts.

Language: The Kazakh language belonging to the Turkic group of languages is the official language in Kazakhstan. Russian is the inter-ethnic language.

Currency: National currency is tenge.

Religion: The most part of believers are Muslims and Orthodox Christians

Public holidays:
January 1-2 – New Year
March 8 – International Women’s Day
March 22 - Nauryz (Oriental spring and labor holiday)
May 1 – Peoples’ Unity Day in Kazakhstan
May 9 – Victory Day
August 30 – Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan
October 25 – Republic Day – National Holiday of the Republic of Kazakhstan
December 16 – Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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