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Alternative rounds / Mangystau oblast / Karatau Piedmont Route

Duration: 2 days
Length: 260 km
Route: from Aktau by asphalt highway 110 km, then 30 km by country road to the Jemsensai Canyon.

A meandering country road leads tourists to the Jensensai Canyon. The steep walls of the canyon with bizarre piling cliffs lead farther and farther making you drunken with the clean and cool herbal aromatic air. Each turn hides a meeting with a mint shrub, scared partridges, a red juicy berry-covered hawthorn shrub or white flowering foam in spring. Low trees with a splendid crown hide in the most secret part of the canyon as if understanding that they have become a rare phenomenon. That is why they have been included in the Red Book.

A 2-hour walk will end with halt in the bush of huge trees by a spring that appear as a reward for a long way.

Rested and stroll-charmed tourist will meet another natural another. The Mangystau nature gave amazing forms and sizes of stone balls impossible not to admire. The sun, wind and water turned out to be matchless artists who created unique forms of a mushroom or even a fantastic figure.

Tourists will go to the Sherkala Mountain during the second day.

Mangystau is a unique location. It is a boundless plain luxuriant and colorful in spring and solemn and severe in its autumn majesty. A fantastic world of mountains is right there that astounds by the magnificence of its forms and colors.

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