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Alternative rounds / East Kazakhstan oblast / Katun River Rafting Tour (midstream)

Route length: 240 km
Program Duration: 12days.
Favorable season: June - August.
Difficulty category: 4.

Day 1. Travel from Ust-Kamenogorsk City to Ust Koksa Town (Republic of Altai).
Day 2. Prepare rafting means. Start rafting. Walk to the Lower Kuragan River (20km).
Day 3. In this part, the valley narrows and the stream rate increases. Pass the difficult Akkemsky Proryv Rapids. The overnight stop in the mouth of the right affluent of the Argut River (25 km).
Day 4. There is a few easy shivers between Argut and the Chui River. Several shivers and the In Rapids are down stream Chui. In In settlement, the famous Chui Tract changes to the left bank. After In, the river is calm to Yaloman (40 km).
Day 5. Rapids get more difficult after Yaloman. More serious bars and rundowns begin to appear. The most difficult rapids this day will be Ilgumen. There are serious bars right after the Kadrin River affluent to land (20km).
Day 6. It is a very diffucult and intensive part. We should land right after the Kuziur right affluent to explore the most difficult Kadrin Rapids. The Shabash Rapids follows. One location with bars will only be there after Sumulta in the Ursula River mouth (25 km).
Day 7. Between the Sumulta River and Edigan River, rundowns, shivers and rapids follow on average every 2 km. We will stop in the Erdigan mouth (50km).
Day 8. Explore the shore and cross the Teldekpen 1 and Teldekpen 2 Rapids. Then we will see the Elandy Rapids and Chemal Rapids near the Chemal inflow where you can see the Chemal Water Power Plant (25 km).
Day 9. Following the Chemal, calm river parts will alternate with shivers, bars, rundowns, catch areas and whirlpools. The last rapids is the Manjerok Gate. Then there is nothing difficult to pass. The rafting ends near the settlement of Maim (35 km).
Day 10. Departure from Maima Town to Ust-Kamenogorsk City
Day 12. Arrival to Ust-Kamenogorsk.

Price per 1 person 300 $
The price includes:

  • Transportation throughout the program.
  • 3 meals throughout the tour.
  • A guide
  • Safety
  • Rafting means
  • Bonfire outfit
  • Special outfit rent

The price excludes:

  • City transfer
  • Tent rent
  • Personal outfit rent
Border zone permit execution
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